Our Jakarta

Jakarta as the metropolitan which occupied more than 9 million people population, which are exhibit incredible in a unique diversity of tribes, language, culture and traditions. As the nation capital, Jakarta is truly a “Melting Pot” of representatives from throughout the archipelago.

The City With Thousands of Opportunities

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. The Indonesia's diversity was mirrored in the capital city of Jakarta. Jakarta whose population has grown approaching to 10 million people is one of the cities in Asia, which is much often talked about with the certain reasons. Jakarta has extraordinarily developed and would be at the forefront in Asia over the next few decades. As of its geographical condition, land, air and sea transportations are also available. Jakarta is also a center of social, cultural and health activities. Jakarta is the prominent gateway of Indonesia.

The City of History

The history of Jakarta dates back from around 500 years ago in a small downstream of Ciliwung River. For centuries, the city port develops into a bustling international trade center.

The story of Jakarta at the earlier phase emanates from the diverse ancient inscriptions found in the nearby port. The untold stories of Jakarta up until the earlier arrival of European colonialists were very scarce.

Kota Tua, Jakarta is an area of Dutch colonization inheritance which was well-known as Batavia in the 17th century. At Kota Tua area you can see old buildings with architecture style influenced by the Dutch or European architecture style, Chinese and even some of them with combination of Dutch and Chinese architecture. Some of the old buildings at Kota Tua area occupied as museums by the governor of DKI Jakarta. Kota Tua is one of a very interesting place or area to visit when you travel to Jakarta since it’s a center of historical tourism object in Jakarta.

The Business City

No doubt that Jakarta is the heart of Indonesian economy activities. Either national or international investors are interested in participating in the Indonesian economy activities. The central government recently has determined a set of policy in order to trigger the growth of the Jakarta economy, to perfect the export and investment rules and to simplify the banking rule. Jakarta is rich of trade center that spread around Jakarta area. Tanah Abang Trade Center, ITC, and many malls and traditional market can satisfying the shopping passions.

The Tourism and Cultural City

Jakarta's has many new tourism infrastructures, entertainment centers, and international-class hotels and restaurants. Jakarta also possesses many historical places and cultural heritage. Tourism, one of the service industry,is developed rapidly and owns many opportunities to get developed all the time. Jakarta has a new, elegant Convention Center which can house 3000 people. Jakarta keeps on developing the infrastructures in order to attract the world's attention to hold some international events.

Interesting places or tourism objects you could see at Kota Tua, Jakarta are including Jakarta History Museum (which is also called as Fatahillah Museum), Puppet Museum, Bank of Indonesia Museum, Jakarta Kota Station (is also called Beos), Maritime Museum, and other old buildings.

Jakarta also have some amusement park which is interested to visit. Taman Mini (Miniature Park) and Dunia Fantasi Ancol are the great place to visit. For further information you can visit



City Transportation Facilities

To go for sightseeing the magnificent of Jakarta, some transportation model are available.


Despite of the unpredictable traffic jam, railway transportation is an affordable and reliable for minimize the time using. You can pick your own choice economy or executive class. The railway route is available to other area surround Jakarta.

For further information please visit http://www.kereta-api.co.id/

Transjakarta Busway

If you want to go around the city, busway can be an alternative transportation. You can only buy one ticket to go all over Jakarta. Avoid to go by busway in pre and post office hours.

For further information please visit http://www.transjakarta.co.id/

Some model transportation are also available such as taxi and other public transportations. For further information please visit http://transportasiumum.com/category/pilih-kota/jakarta

To go outside Jakarta, some transportation model are available.

Sea Transportation

The Feri boats are available to deliver you through the sea.

For further information please visit http://www.pelni.co.id/


All airlines operated in Indonesia have a route to go and in to Jakarta. You can call the airlines agent in the Airport or see the website. Some of them are Garuda Indonesia, Air Asia, Lion Air, and many more.

For further information please visit http://www.jakartaairportonline.com/