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The project is a form of cooperation with both national and international institutions which have representative offices in Indonesia, with maturities of less than one year, and consists of one activity or not more than 4 activities in one period.

Project ever handled by the Partnership are as follows:

  1. In cooperation with the Hijra Institute, an Institute of Financial Training and Consulting bases its activities on the principles of management in accordance with sharia. Paramadina University conducted three series of activities, namely:
  • Workshop "Cerdas Finansial", the workshop which was held on August 3, 2010, is intended for the general public, and aims to provide education about financial management in accordance with Islamic sharia.
  • Talk show "Yang Muda Yang Beruntung". The talk show which was held on December 16, 2010 is intended to provide education about the planning and financial management for students. With participants who attended by about 100 students Paramadina University and also students from other universities, student participants are expected to acquire knowledge about planning and financial management as well as motivation and inspiration to become young entrepreneurs.
  • Talkshow "Sex & Financial Education: How to Teach Sex & Financial Education to Kids". Talk show aimed at the general public, especially parents, held at the University of Paramadina on January 15, 2011. From this talkshow, parents armed with knowledge and inspiration regarding sexual education and management in Islamic finance as stock in the transmit them to beloved baby. In the session 'Sex Education' presented material on: How to effectively teach sex education to children; Protects children from the behavior of free sex, and Protects child from the dangers of pornography. While in session 'Islamic Financial Planning' speakers from the Institute deliver material surrounding the Hijra: The smart way to teach children to manage money for snacks; Protects child from the behavior of extravagant living, and teach children to save with creative ways.
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